This week our construction team continues work along Bushwick Avenue, Montrose Avenue, and Moore Street. We are pleased to note that we have completed temporary road restoration on Bushwick Avenue up to Varet Street. Please note that due to changes in construction sequence, our team will be returning to Flushing Avenue (between Central Avenue and Evergreen Avenue) and Bushwick Avenue (between Cook Street and Varet Street) for gas main installation in the near future. Click here for an overview of the route for this phase of the project.

As always, our outreach team continues our door-to-door efforts in the community to discuss upcoming construction schedules with residents and other local partners.

*Over the next week, neighbors can expect to see:

  • Moore Street is closed to passenger cars between Humboldt Street and Graham Avenue from 9AM to 4PM Monday to Friday. Our team is working with local businesses to maintain access for delivery vehicles.
  • Work on Bushwick Avenue between Varet Street and Moore Street.
  • Work on Montrose Avenue between Manhattan Avenue and Lorimer Street.
  • Work on Moore Street between Bushwick Avenue and Graham Avenue.
  • Work on Manhattan Avenue between Moore Street and Seigel Street, and between Montrose Avenue and Johnson Avenue.
  • During the day there will be changes in traffic patterns on Moore Street, Manhattan Avenue, and Montrose Avenue with flaggers present to redirect traffic as necessary.
  • Continued outreach to stakeholders in advance of upcoming work.

Please feel free to reach out by emailing us at, or calling our project outreach team at (718) 337-8138. You can also use the Contact Us page of our website to submit any questions, comments, or concerns.

*Please note, due to the complexities of outdoor construction, schedule is subject to change.