About the Metropolitan Natural Gas Reliability Project
June 2021

Beginning in the Spring of 2017 through the Fall of 2020, National Grid worked to construct the Metropolitan Natural Gas Reliability Project in Brooklyn, NY. Portions of this important infrastructure project were successfully installed and placed into service prior to the 2020-2021 heating season. The project provides necessary reliability improvements to the local infrastructure system, ensuring that all customers have access to reliable energy. This project now helps deliver energy needed to power local businesses and communities across downstate New York. It’s an investment to update our infrastructure for more reliable and cleaner delivery of energy.

Our community outreach team worked closely with local businesses and neighbors to share project information and up to date construction schedules. From 2017 through completion, a dedicated project outreach team worked with neighbors from Brownsville to East Williamsburg to proactively minimize impacts and ensure the public could safely navigate the complexities that come with large scale construction projects. As part of our commitment to community partnership, the outreach team knocked on doors and had one-to-one conversations with local businesses and members of the community to share project information and answer questions about the project. 

Now that the Metropolitan Reliability Infrastructure project is in service, we are serving residents with safer and more reliable infrastructure we can count on for energy today, as we work toward a low-carbon clean energy future. Thank you for your partnership and open dialogue, we look forward to continuing our commitment to serve the community with reliable, affordable, sustainable energy.

There is some remaining work on the project and we’ve previously stated that it will not move forward without analysis from a third-party independent consultant, feedback from stakeholders and review and approval from our regulators.  We have a framework in place to guide those discussions if there is a decision to move forward with the work.     

National Grid is committed to net zero carbon emissions. We’re investing in newer, cleaner technologies to help achieve our shared clean energy vision along with the City and the State. Our net zero carbon commitment defines our values and future energy vision. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with the community.

To read more about how National Grid is helping advance a clean energy future please visit: ngrid.com/responsibilitycalls